Edgar Evans’ memorial at Rhosilli

21 Sep

Anyone visiting the Gower Peninsula should spend some time in the church in the village of Rhosilli. Here, in this beautiful little church, there is a poignant memorial to P.O. Edgar Evans. It is worthy of notice, firstly as an impressive testament of Edgar’s wife Lois’ firm loyalty and faith in her husband when others were denigrating him. Secondly for the interest in the two errors on the memorial: the line from Tennyson’s Ulysses is incorrectly quoted and the British explorers are depicted with one(rather than two), ski sticks.
A little jem!

One Response to “Edgar Evans’ memorial at Rhosilli”

  1. Gary Gregor, Swansea September 22, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    The village in south-west peninsular Gower where P.O.Edgar Evans was born is well worth visiting. I look forward to the publication of Dr Williams’ biography of Evans early in 2012: it draws on her medical experience to account for the deaths of the five men, and presents an objective picture of Evans’ integral role in the 1910 expedition. Her earlier book on Dr Edward Wilson demonstrates her ability to write accurately and with empathy about the members of Scott’s last expedition, and as we approach the centenary of the deaths of the polar party, her lectures on Dr Wilson and P.O. Evans will do much to counter modern cynicism towards heroism and pride in one’s country.

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