Service at St Paul’s to commemorate the Terra Nova expedition

2 Apr

This was a wonderful, memorable occasion, made more so because the sun shone  throughout. I had not realised how impressive and awe inspiring the Cathedral is. The military band played as we entered and was succeeded, beautifully,  by the Sub-Organist.  Sir David Attenborough read from Scott’s ‘Message to the Public’ as it has never been read before. The Bishop of London gave insight into the significance of the mens’ achievements, both in terms of exploration and in scientific advances.He pointed out that their work was not the end, but the beginning of  peaceful progress in Antarctic Science.Three descendants of the Terra Nova expedition led a Litany of Praise and Prayer.  The Princess Royal read the second lesson.

Everyone attending seemed moved and uplifted. It was a ‘spot on’, appropriate, recognition, one hundred years after the heroes deaths

One Response to “Service at St Paul’s to commemorate the Terra Nova expedition”

  1. kate sebbah June 10, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    It is fitting that the occasion was marked with such deference. These men were shining examples of absolute bravery and I am impressed by their desire for knowledge and understanding of what was little understood at the time.

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