The North Pole

16 Apr

Six ‘Ordinary Men’ made it to the North Pole on the 11th April 2012. They are promoting a charity ‘Sparks’ which has the laudable aim of ensuring that all children are born healthy and stay healthy. The doctor with the six men is Dr. Ed Coats who was previously a member of the British team in the ‘Omega’ manhauling race to the SOUTH pole in the footsteps of Scott. He was chosen by James Cracknell and Ben Fogal to accompany them.

Ed was very helpful to me over the question of the amount of fluid that is needed each day for manhauling when I was writing my book about Edgar Evans (up to 7 litres, enough to keep the urine dilute and much more than Scott and his party took). How Ed manages to combine these efforts with his medical career is remarkable.

One Response to “The North Pole”

  1. Arthur Woolgar April 19, 2012 at 9:00 am #

    The timing of this book is really excellent ie 100 years since Scott and party were lost,it enables all those with polar interests or just a sense of adventure to broaden their knowledge of this extraordinary group of brave men who were part of the British effort to reach the South Pole first,the distances covered,conditions endured ,all leave one in awe.
    More please. Arthur Woolgar

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