21 Mar

I am being assessed as a speaker for the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts, an organisation with branches all over the country. This is quite an experience: you have to give your presentation to a large audience where an anonymous observer assesses the effort. I hope that mine, which was to a lovely group, FiSH in Barnes, South London. went reasonably well. If it is approved of I go on to an interview.

Because of the emphasis on decorative and fine arts I have to consider a new topic. I found that the Antarctic heroes I speak about, with the exception of Wilson and Shackleton, do not exactly answer to this requirement, so I am preparing my talk on  von Herkomer . He did woodcutes, engravings, water colours and oil paintings. He painted the poor and the rich (in number)! So, plenty of material which I hope will suit NADFAS.

I am to be a speaker on Queen Mary 2. This too is an excitement. Four talks in six days!

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