How the Edgar Evans statute might look in Swansea

16 Jan

A computer generated image of how the Edgar Evans statute might look to passers by in Swansea



One Response to “How the Edgar Evans statute might look in Swansea”

  1. J Davies November 25, 2021 at 3:44 pm #

    What is the status of this statue? I always thought it should have a few verses from a W S Graham poem on the plaque beneath it

    “Who is the King of Whales? What is

    He like? Well you may ask. He is

    A kind of old uncle of mine

    And yours mushing across the blind

    Ice-cap between us in his furs

    Shouting at his delinquent dogs.

    What is his purpose? I try to find

    Whatever it is is wanted by going

    Out of my habits which is my name

    To ask him how I can do better.

    Tipped from a cake of ice I slid

    Into the walrus-barking water

    To find. I did not find another

    At the end of my cold cry.”

    Always thought it was about Edgar Evans

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