Edgar Evans

15 Jul

Some years ago I wrote the biography of Edgar Evans. Edgar was a Petty Officer with Scott on ‘Discovery’ and a Chief Petty Officer on the ‘Terra Nova’ Expedition. He was the first to die on the ill-fated return from The South Pole and in some circles, was blamed, most unfairly in my opinion, for the deaths of the whole party.

The book is entitled ‘Captain Scott’s Invaluable  Assistant, Edgar Evans’. Details can be found in the book section of this blog.

Now, I am delighted to say, a documentary and film are planned on Edgar.  The reason  for this, is that Edgar’s great grandson, Tyler Ford, aged 11, is a  World Champion Kick Boxer and a film focussing on Edgar’s family is apparently to be made this year. Ross O’Hennesy (from Game of Thrones), is to play the adult Edgar, whilst Tyler plays Edgar as a boy. Tom Delmar is the Producer.

I hope it all works out!.  A film will certainly revive interest and pride in Edgar in South Wales and, perhaps, money will be available finally for the much planned statute of Edgar in his Antarctic kit ( the maquette is excellent), which, it is hoped, will be erected in front of the Swansea Museum.

This is a clip from the ‘Swansea Sound’ related to the film ‘Terra Nova’. Here Ross O’Hennessy describes the current position.


2 Responses to “Edgar Evans”

  1. urack July 17, 2019 at 1:20 am #

    I think that is a great idea. Films and documentaries encourage people to get interested in a topic. It is only to hope that the real facts are better presented than only in a sort of action movie. The question of course, which impact Evans had on the expedition will be hard to trace back but it could be done effectively with solid research behind it. Your book would be a good starting point. Please, keep us updated on the progress of this endeavor.

    • isobelpwilliams July 17, 2019 at 7:48 am #

      Thank you. I suspect the film, when it comes, will focus on family matters (and showcase Tyler), i imagine no new solid research! but I hope it will generate general interest

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