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Statute for Edgar Evans in Swansea

20 Nov

Throughout the centenary year of the deaths of Scott’s Polar Party members, there has been a move in Swansea to erect a memorial near Swansea Museum.

Although this was suggested at the time of Edgar’s death there was little enthusiasm for the project.  This was for two reasons. It was a time when money was tight, also, in some circles, Edgar had been uncompromisingly criticized for holding up the whole party and thus indirectly causing the deaths of his companions. Since impressive newspapers in London published this, it was thought that there could be some truth in the comments and therefore, it would not be wise to draw too much attention to the dead Welshman. It took years for Edgar’s reputation to be reconsidered.

Now however, plans are moving!   A 9 ft. high bronze resin statute is proposed. The official launch for the appeal is in Swansea Museum tomorrow with an Appeal Committee of four members. The National Heritage Trust is giving £10,000 apparently. Appeals are being made to local businesses and universities.

There is a bust of Edgar in Swansea Museum but it is thought that a more visible record of the Gower Hero is now appropriate.

I am speaking in Swansea this weekend. I will hear all about it.I wonder what will happen.