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28 Sep

Progress is rather slow. Apart from the £10,000 received last year there has been little in the way of significant funding. An application for lottery funds is being prepared and further “bucket” collections are planned for Winter Fund raising. Clearly lottery funds hold out the most hope.
BUT the maquettes look lovely. One is 4 ft, one 18ins. These are currently in store and I really hope they will be made available to the general public soon. They could help significantly in the marketing drive.

HOWEVER I am delighted that our Welsh hero is being recognised by a BLUE PLAQUE. A blue plaque is a permanent sign put up to celebrate the link between a location, in this case Middleton, South Wales and a famous person. Every application for permission to mount a plaque is assessed carefully, a number are not approved, so this is a most significant honour. The plaque is to be erected in Edgar’s home village, on November 27th I understand from Councillor Tony Colburn that it is not yet finished but I aim to put an image of it on my blog as soon as this is available.