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24 Mar

I write to wish anyone who reads this blog my best wishes over the coronavirus storm.

In the UK the virus numbers and deaths are mounting steadily and we are told to expect many more. The advice is that by self-isolating now, we can avoid a ‘peak’ in cases, and flatten the ‘peak’ into a ‘curve’. In this way it is hoped to avoid an overwhelming number of patients requiring ventilation – as is happening in Italy and Spain; such a demand could overstretch the National Health facilities.

It is incredible to me that so many people simply flout this advice, on Sunday 22nd March (Mothers’ Day here), London traffic was at a third of normal, the parks were busy, scores headed for beauty spots in Wales and to the seaside.

In response to this we are now at the stage where Boris Johnson has imposed draconian measures. People are banned from leaving home except for food or medical treatment, plus we are advised that we can go out for exercise once a day –keeping away from each other. ‘Essential’ workers continue their work.

We get regular updates from the Prime Minister, the health advisers, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (financial support) and others, on progress and on-going advice. We are fortunate that the National Health system IS national, as this facilitates cooperation between hospitals throughout the regions. But a major problem for health professionals and other front-line workers has been a shortage of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment – this is being addressed urgently), and insufficient testing kits for diagnosis and for virus antibody.

I was, some years ago, a Consultant in the National Health and vividly recall the numbers of patients needing assessment in the Accident and Emergency department when I was on emergency duty. The thought of what it must be like now is truly alarming.

For myself I am going for walks (but not seeing anyone!), watching TV, listening to the radio and trying to get to grips with all those books I have been looking at for years. Also writing a blog (Sir Clements Markham). I am trying to do an exercise programme, this is MUCH more difficult at home, than in the gym!

I hope you are keeping occupied, safe and well.  Bon chance!