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SouthPole-sium v 2

19 Sep

Robert Stephenson who is the driving force of ‘The Antarctic Circle’ is co-ordinating a second SouthPole-sium. This event is to take place next May and is to be based in Argyll Scotland. Falcon Scott, Scott’s grandson, will be attending I believe.

The New Hampshire meeting (2012) was very good. Small (up to 100 enthusiasts), with the aim of sharing specialist knowledge and enthusiasms around the group.

If I have gathered sufficient information about William Speirs Bruce by May 2015, I will be able to make a short presentation.

Incidentally William was a Scottish Nationalist and proud to considered as such. He had started to study medicine but his passion for all matters polar took him to the Arctic many times, also to Antarctica as the leader of the ‘Scotia Expedition (1901-04)’ representing Scotland.

I expect that in the meeting in Argyll we will be looking forward to the pivotal developments in Antarctica. Some authors seem to feast on discovering and publishing failings of 100 years ago. I hope that in addition to reflecting on the achievements of the early explorers, we will learn more about the potential risks to a wild but peaceful Antarctica

As only 100 attendees can be tailored for I hope to produce a blog at the end of each day updating on interesting topics