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Image of proposed statute of Edgar Evans

14 Jan

I have written about this appeal before. Here is an image of the maquette for Edgar Evans’ proposed statute in Swansea. It is the work of  Roger Andrews, sculptor and artist.

The chairman of the appeal is Councillor Tony Colburn.pub-edgarevans1Edgar Evans

Edgar Evans Statute appeal

4 Dec

The appeal for funds to go towards a bronze statute of the Welsh hero Edgar Evans moves slowly. The statute is to be erected near to Swansea Museum,

Edgar Evans died over one hundred years ago in Antarctica, He had  suffered terribly from malnutrition; food and fluid intakes that were totally inadequate for his needs, from frostbite and from a cut hand that festered and was almost certainly the source of entry of virulent bacteria into his bloodstream. He had lost weight,muscle and fat. He must have suffered dreadfully.

The fact that, most unfairly, he was blamed in some quarters for being the pivotal cause of the deaths of his companions, would have been terrible to him. The slurs must have contributed to there being no national memorial for Edgar.

We now have a greater understanding of the physical causes that led Edgar to falter  and his reputation has been restored and enhanced in resent years. We know he was a tough, resilient, impressive man who gave his all for Scott and Antarctic exploration. In summary he was a Welsh hero.

On the centenary of the deaths of Scott’s party, an appeal was launched for a memorial to Edgar to be erected. This is to be a bronze statute that will stand 9 feet on its plinth The sculptor is Roger Andrews, the appeal is headed by Councillor Tony Colburn who heads the 8 man committee that boasts the Lord Lieutenant as its Vice President. £10,000 has been raised of the £90,000 needed. Money has already been spent on a 3 foot bronze maquette. There are big plans for fund raising activities in Swansea at Christmas, in shopping areas and in rugby and soccer stadiums. It is hoped that the funds will swell significantly.

If you want to contribute, the Treasurer of the appeal is  Councillor Miles Thomas. He can be reached on Miles.thomas@Swansea.Gov.uk

A service to commemorate the life of Edgar Evans at St Mary’s Church, Central Swansea

24 Feb

This was a wonderful occasion. The great and the good of Wales and beyond gathered to give proper recognition to Edgar Evans’s contribution to Scott’s expeditions, exactly 100 years after his death. The service was attended by the Lord Lieutenant and the High Sheriff of West Glamorgan and other dignitaries. The navy was well represented. Edgar’s grandson, John Evans, read from Scott’s journal and made a plea for a statute for his grandfather to be erected in Swansea, Edgar’s granddaughter was also present. The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon made an excellent address stressing Edgar’s virtues, the Archdeacon of the Gower led the Intercessions. Naval Cadets marched up and down the aisle, a Petty Officer Cadet read the Naval Prayer.

The whole service was much appreciated by those of us who have come to admire Edgar.

You can read a report of the service on the BBC News website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-17071873