Dr. Edward Adrian Wilson and Apsley Cherry Garrard

28 Apr

Apsley Cherry Garrard  went on a famous, and awful, expedition with Edward Wilson in search of very young specimens of Emperor penguin eggs.  Wilson wanted to investigate Darwin’s theory of evolution through penguin embryology.  During the journey to the Emperors breeding ground Wilson, Cherry Garrard and ‘Birdie’ Bowers endured virtually continuous darkness, snow with a surface like sand, temperatures that at one point dropped to minus 76 degrees fahrenheit, crevasses. They returned with three precious eggs.

Cherry Garrard wrote the book ‘The Worst Journey In The World’, as a record of this sortie. It was a best seller

Cherry Garrard thought of Wilson as a father figure He wrote that if you knew Wilson you could not like him, you simply had to love him

I have a short film on Wilson on my cruise details which I have decided to post here.

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